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Under the ample shade of Theeram, we effectively perform numerous invaluable services for the betterment of the hapless and helpless people in our society. We perceive such acts of charity as our dharma and an obligatory duty to the humanity. In other words, as our motto succinctly says, we are ‘destined to serve’ people. The contemporary society has witnessed the advancement of science, technology and education, but the problems like illiteracy, poverty, abandonment of parents, patients and children remain unsolved. Theeram aims to address these issues of the marginalized people in the society and attempts to indulge in the process of uplifting them to its forefront.

The following list shows the gist of our services:

  • Monthly Pension Scheme for old and disabled:

The monthly pension scheme of Theeram, delivered by its volunteers, is becoming a soothing support to many of the suffering families. Such a humane, innovative intervention not only relieves the pain of the needy, but also it helps to preserve their dignity and self-respect.There are a lot of disabled and old age people who are left unnoticed by the government and even by their family members. Most of the times the medical expense for old age and disabled may not be affordable for financially backward families. Just because of the financial unstability, why do these people have to suffer at their bad times? This thought made Theeram to start a pension scheme for old age, disabled, mentally challenged and financially backward students. Theeram has been delivering the monthly pension of Rs.1000 since Jan 2015, to various financially desperate families and individuals, even before its formal commencement as an organization to meet their necessities to some extend. Dr.PunalurSomarajan has inaugurated the programme by handing over the pension amount to an impoverished family and, in fact, that is a great honour for us.

  • Blood Donation:

Since donating blood is the greatest donation oneself can do without any cost, Theeram promotes blood donation. Every year we conduct blood donation campaigns and awareness programmes in different parts of Kerala. Participation of Theeram volenteers and publc is ensured in each camp. Our devoted group members are ready to volunteer to donate blood at any time of need. Kindly contact the phone number of Theeram, mentioned in this website, during the time of requirement.

  • Medical support:

Theeram extends its helping hands to support and secure the lives of physically and mentally challenged persons. We supply them with medicines, food, clothes and finance. Apart from the pension scheme, we raise funds, occasionally, from generous donors, to help those who suffer from fatal diseases such as cancer, organ failures and other health problems. The victims of deadly diseases belonging to the poorer strata of society are doubly marginalized. They are often overlooked by the authorities, even by the family members, and they are incapable of finding money to seek required medication. There are a lot of bedridden patients who are unable to live and move without a human support. Our team intends to trace out these deserted people and tries to lower our wings of humility out of concern, to inculcate positive vibes in their life.

  • Educational Support/ Sponsorship for Mentally and Physically Challenged Children:

Education is the right of every children irrespective of their economic status. But the sad reality is that, most of the children who confronts mental and physical challenges are lacking educational rights due to various reasons. One of the reasons for such a miserable state is their poor economic condition. To protect their right to education and to eradicate discriminations, Theeram works its best to promote sponsorships and other financial aids. Theeram sponsored 40 mentally challenged kids for a period of one year. Theeram awards school kits, uniforms and their other necessities for the children belong to the oppressed class and to those who are physically/mentally challenged. Also, we are pleased to visit the special schools and orphanages to show and share our love and concern for them. We believe that only through education we can successfully bring up these children, and to make them identify their own abilities, and thereby, nurture them to stand on their own feet.

  • Distribution of Walkers Stick and Wheel Chairs:

Distributing wheel chairs and walkers stick for the handicapped is a notable service done by us. It can cherish their life with hope by moving and looking forward. Why a few people are being bedridden when they can improve their locomotive skill by the use of wheelchair or walkers stick. They are unable to buy one. Theeram has been continuous providing the most deserved wheelchair or walkers stick, as the case may be, thus making them self reliant. By using these moving aids they can make their livelihood. By this time Theeram donated more than 150 wheelchairs for the financially backward citizens.

  • Snehayathra:

 Snehayatra is an innovative intervention by Theeram, designed to make pleasure trips with the inmates of orphanages and old-age homes, to myriad tourist spots. This could be a refreshing experience for the inmates who are living in oldage homes and other orphanages and also it will guide them to abate their haunting discomfort inside the gloomy confinements of the care-taking houses. It can beget a new spirit of hope in their minds, and, also will help them to engender firm bonds among each other.

  • Relief Works

As part of our mission to serve the nation, we actively engage in the relief and rescue works during the period of natural disasters. Theeram group showed its utmost dedicated presence during the difficult times of devastating Okhi cyclone (2017) and 2018 Floods, in Kerala. The most severe tropical cyclone, called Okhi, caused serious damage to life and property of numerous people in the Southern part of Kerala. During this time, Theeram members visited the Cyclone-affected area, Poonthura, a prominent place on the outskirts of Trivandrum district and took part in the rescue operations and provided relief materials.  During the time of 2018 Kerala floods, thanks to Alappuzha district collector Honourable S. Suhas IAS, Theeram volunteers diligently took part in the relief works in the flood-affected Kuttanad and related areas in Alappuzha district. We supplied food, dress and other amenities for the people housed in the flood relief camps.

  • Providing food for the homeless people:

From the very beginning, Theeram has been providing food for homeless people, and also for the kids and old age people living in charitable homes. Food supplied in Jyothis special school Mavelikkara, MES Kattanam, Asha bhavan pathanapuram, Shalom bhavanam Arunnoottimangalam, Homeless people staying  in Ochira temple are few projects. Since hunger is the greatest emotion that drives the whole world, Theeram has never denied these kids and old age better food.

  • School kit distribution and Education help:

 It is really hard for a child to see their friends come with new school bags and books and they are not entitled to have these things due to their financial background. Theeram has always been there for these kids to make them smile on the school opening day, Every year Theeram distributes school kit which includes books, bag, pen, pencil, umberalla etc. For 50 to 100 students prior to the school opening day. And also those who are good in studies and are unable to pursue their studies due to the lack of financial assistance, Theeram could provide better education by remitting their tution fees, Exam fees etc. Since education is the most valued treasure one can have, Theeram has always supported students to continue their studies.

  • Stiching machine distribution :

When you are skilled in some way and unable to use the skill due to lack of machines and money, Theeram couldn’t resist giving them mechanical support. Theeram has created many powerful women by providing them serving stiching machines and this making them run their family well.

  • Future Project

In future, we envisage to set up a shelter-home, educational institutions, and to create job opportunities for the poorest and the weakest members in our society.