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Feature by Ajmal Alikhan (Theeram, Founder Chairman)

Everywhere it was the labour day celebrations going on, while I was trying to get out of my mother’s womb-on 1st may 1993. I Ajmal Ali Khan was the first child born to Mr. Ali and Mrs. Shahina and followed by my sister Najma Beegam . I grew up as an unexceptional child in a small town named Kollakadavu in the Alappuzha district of Kerala state, India . My childhood was rich enough with my parents love and money.

I started my schooling at MMAR school, Chengannur, Kerala, India. Then  I moved to Cherupushpa Bethany school, Chunakkara, Kerala, India. Why I kept on changing schools was because I was compelled to do so by my teachers. Since I was not apt for the school’s reputation. As it was an ICSE school, the students were obviously from financially sound families. I had a temptation to follow bad companions and there was a remarkable reflection on my studies as well. Or maybe I was not that typical mug up kind.

It was in the next school I found myself- in an ordinary government School named VVHSS school, Chunakkara, Kerala, India  . The condition of the school was really pathetic. There I got an opportunity to interact with people from different social statuses. Rather than the affluence and the facilities surrounding me, I felt the real sour and bitter truth about life. There was an incident that changed my life forever.

One day a lady came to our school with her kid for help. And that kid was suffering from some kidney problems. The mother wanted students to help her kid. Actually the face of that child opened my eyes and changed my perception about life. I along with that lady collected money from students of all classes and from teachers as well . But my mind was asking me to do something more for that child . I collected more money from my neighbours and relatives and  with that money I went to that child’s home. But fate was against me. The child had already left this world. The reason was that he didn’t get the proper treatment at the proper time, because they were financially very poor and there was nobody to help them. That incident really shook my mind. That made me to think about the purpose of my life and I realized the aim of my life. I wanted to help the needy and poor. I can surely say this was the incident that instilled the roots of social service in my mind. In fact It is the duty of each and every person.

It was during the same time that I joined the National Cadet Corps (NCC) working under the Indian Army. As a result of the training, I felt an intense desire to join the Indian Army. But My parents resisted me to the extreme. There started a conflict between me and my parents. That desire still remains in my heart and the best cadet award remains in my souvenirs. After my 12th standard (Schooling) , I struggled a lot to get college admission. At last I got admission in IHRD college, Adoor, Kerala, India for bachelor’s degree in with computer application course. Again It was a college of my type. I would say this was the place which witnessed the ups and downs, the landmarks, and the emotional agitations of my life. The thought of doing something for the sake of the society and for the needy was still haunting my mind. Along with my studies I tried to help the needy people. The Idea of starting a charitable organization for the welfare of the needy sprouted in my mind. During this time, I met the girl of my dream. She was very supportive in those matters. She too helped as she could. With the support of my few friends, my dream came true- the birth of “ Al Amanath Charitable Federation’’ , Charummoodu, Kerala, India on  April 2013.

The first and foremost concern was that, this would be legal and well organised. The federation was registered at the Alappuzha district register office and accountings and auditings were made clear every year . The initial stage was very hard. I collected money from public and shops during free college hours and also by bunking classes. The first medical aid we gave was for an 18 years old young boy who were suffering from brain tumor. Dispute from my home increased day by day and they were thinking I was not fit to be a part of the family’s reputation. The struggle continued for years. But the love and support of my girl was relieving . But how life shows its true colours was disgusting. Again destiny turned its evil face towards me. My girl had to leave me for her family putting a numbers of reasons. Since our relationship was that intense, the breaking of my immense belief that she would never leave me, devastated me.

 The thing which kept me going was charity. Anyways my broken heart wanted to do more for the society. From there a numbers of projects were done- Wheelchair distribution, Sponsoring of Mentally challenged children, Medical aid, Blood donation, Educational support etc through Al Amanath Charitable Federation. After graduation of my bachelors degree, I had to find an effective mean to earn money for running the organization. That’s how I moved to London . I joined for MBA in University of Sunderland, London . Along with my studies, I could earn enough to make both ends meet. Only at this point of time, I could understand why I was born on labour’s day, because my part time jobs were dishwashing at hotels, on construction sites , on fish markets etc. Since my parents were unaware of these jobs I was doing, they started feeling proud of me and the charitable federation. The ice melted slowly and they too started helping.

Al Amanath Charitable Federation attained a remarkable impact among the people of my locality. In between a few projects was launched for giving monthly pension for the suffering people around. Another significant projects were wheel chair distribution, medical aid, blood donation, educational sponsorship, providing food for the needy and many more. As Al Amanath was gaining momentum in its journey, I thought of upgrading the federation to a new level.

Considering the dream of constructing ashelter home in future, the federation was entitled ‘Theeram Charitable Trust’ on 9/12/2017 .The name itself is very compatible with the quintessence of the trust – be a ‘ Shore ‘ for those who are battling with he darkness of life . Thus another new chapter was started. Inspite of all the disagreement from my family and from the anti social evils as well,Theeram pioneers in the field of social service. So once again the fact hasbeen proved that when you really need something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

For a constant income to run the Theeram ,I joined for M.Scin International Business after MBA at University of Ulster, London and Ph.D, London after that. Now, I pursue Ph.D in University of West of Scotland, London. The struggle for money continues but my strong will to serve my society drives me to struggle more. Thus thejourney of me and Theeram continues with the motto ‘Destined to serve’…